Before and after the 7 month journey from London to Rio

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Last Week I have mostly been...
Visiting the beach town of Tamarindo, trying and failing to find tickets of the Cup semi final and looking leaving the scooters behind as I look at the local wildlife with the soon to be world famous "Animal Man".  Otherwise known as Geovanni, his knowledge and super vision means he can spot the wildlife from out of nowhere and doesn't hang about when he does! 

He even spotted a number of different sloths 

You can get in touch with this unique guide directly by contacting below.
86269348 or 86231437

He may be out working on a walking tour he is preparing which can also accommodate wheelchairs for easy access to wildlife, so leave a message and get up very early in the morning for this great experience.
Tamarindo Beach
Grabbing a few waves in the morning

Deportivo Saprissa v Alajuelense
Couldn't get tickets for this game :-(
Watched the game from a busy bar, with an exciting atmosphere, unlike the actual game itself. Only a couple of the national teams centres backs are playing and look decent.  So I feel optomistic about England's coming game against Costa Rica!

How wrong I could be! By the time the game takes place England are already out of the World Cup :-(