Before and after the 7 month journey from London to Rio

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Last Week I have mostly been... riding into Buenos Aires
Riding across the vast Pampas for several days, being run off the road by Argy truckers, eating kids birthday style sandwiches (the preference of Argy gaucho cowboys?!), meeting a LOT of cops and arriving exhausted in the huge sprawling 20 million plus mega city of Buenos Aires.

I was under strict instructions form Chileans that upon meeting any authorities in Chile I should under no circumstances offer a bribe.  I was on equally strict instructions to do the opposite as soon as I cross the border into Argentina.  
The first time I was pulled over by the Argentinian cops, the shouting and waving indicated they were curious about the sidecar setup.  With the helmet off I told them about the footballing journey and to their delight produced the replica World Cup. They all pulled out mobile phones next to their pistols to shoot photos of each other sitting on the sidecar.  Then started waving the World Cup at passing cars and trucks.  
As I rode off I thought, "Oh I forgot to offer them a bribe" 
I guess one of the cops said to the other "Damm, we'll have to buy our own delicate little sandwiches today, I forgot to take a bribe!"

Boca Juniors, Buenos Aires
World Cup excitement was rife across Argentina with the nation confident (no surprise there) of the ability to win the World Cup from the heart of Brazilian football in the final at Rio's Maracana. Small details of both teams qualifying for the final didn't seem to cross their mind. The only fear for Argentinians was meeting the Germans who'd beaten them in the 2006 Quarter finals on penalties and again in the 2010 Quarter finals with a 4-0 trouncing 

Riding around Buenos Aires with the Brazilian SBT channel taking penalties with the Portenos (that means locals to Buenos Aires, but I've no idea why). There was a great atmosphere with the kids playing on the scrap of grass outside the famous blue and yellow Boca juniors stadium.

Independiente 3, Athletico Rafaela 0
Argentina's confidence and high hopes in Messi's skills on display

I was able to catch up on a local game with Independiente's return to the top flight, excellent melodic singing, tasty Choripan (sausage sarnies). Incredibly, Racing Club, their rivals stadium can be seen in the corner of the Independiente stadium just 200metres away! (see the photo on bottom right)

On the road seeing how close the motorbike in front is to the lorry!!!
Off the road a bulging tyre eventually gave way and burst just a few miles from my final destination.  Aaargh! 

The Motorcycle Theories. Following Che's tyres tracks through Argentina