Before and after the 7 month journey from London to Rio

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In England I have mostly been...
Catching up with British and Brazilian media interest in the adventure. Meeting former England player Gary Mabbutt. Servicing the sidecar at Scooterworks ready for the voyage to Santiago with James Cargo. Watching Fulham v Norwich in a relegation 6 pointer and singing "Ingerland Ingerland" with Delia Smith. Taking penalties with London global locals around London including Wembley stadium!
England player, Spurs legend and top bloke, Gary Mabbut
With ITV and Gary Mabbutt at Spurs' White Hart Lane stadium.  Gary is a great character.  In spite of injury ending 16 years in England's top flight and England international appearances he was very nimble jumping in (and out) of the sidecar and itching to take a penalty.
Next time Gary, when your doctor and club officials aren't looking :-)
As you ask, Liverpool's Kenny Daglish and Ian Rush that were one of the hardest attacks Gary has had to contain.

I also met with Sergio from SBT for a couple of penalties down by the Thames. Se

The Mail Online covered the trip - resulting in over 22,000 reads!

Unfortunately, I was pulled from Sky's Sunrise program due to other events.  I am certain this is whilst Eamon Holmes practices penalties.  But had great fun with the digital team filming a single long clip.
The link is coming soon.

Football. Fulham v Norwich, Wembley and Penalties
Americans, after scoring with a round ball this happens....
With both teams precariously placed in the league with difficult fixtures remaining (especially Norwich), both teams needed points to keep realistic possibility of staying in the premier league.
Its difficult know if the magnitude of the game affected the players performance. Difficult because by admission the fans, both teams were on a run of form which can only be described as “rubbish".  A nerve jangling game saw a Fulham goal, fantastic couple of save from Fulham goalkeeper Stockdale and a miss by Rodella which I can only hope he repeats against England when they meet Costa Rica. 1-0 Fulham but a tough month ahead for both teams.

Food - Bovril.  Beef in a cup. Fantastic. Always puzzles and disappoints visitors to Britain.  
Music - Fulham’s entrance to punk classic “London Calling” by the Clash is a difficult to top.

Plenty of penalties before and after the game included Germans, Kiwis, Australians, Yanks and English from around the country. Kieran a Swindon Town exec took one of the fastest penalties.  Apparently I saved it but did not see it. So he scored a second which I did not see either.  The evening ended with Norwich City fan, ex board member and British cookery institution, Delia Smith sitting on the scooter singing, “Ingerland, Ingerland, Ingerland”. Eloquently!!!
Couple o' Geezers at James Cargo, Steve & Kev. Sorted!
After 6000 miles through Europe the scooter needed a thorough service and some TLC.  The guys at Scooterworks in Chiswick were fantastic.  They tutted politely at my neglect, replaced parts and importantly took time to show me a few mechanical tips.  I hope I don’t need them! (the mechanical tips). 

Once complete I scootered or crawled off via rush hour traffic to Heathrow Cargo terminal to meet the team at James Cargo.  Thankfully a couple of geezers were waiting late for me on Friday evening with a coffee.  They even managed to squeeze in a couple of penalties between some paperwork and final packing. Nice one Paul and Steve.

And finally,
catching up with friends and family, sorting out my flat and generally not sleeping much :-)
Easily and surprisingly the busiest week to date!?!?