Before and after the 7 month journey from London to Rio

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This week I have mostly been...
The romantic KV Kortrijk
Whizzing through the smallest country on the trip, visiting league 1 squad KV Kortrijk, where Christian Benteke of Aston Villa kicked off his career and staying at hotel where some players were based. Belgium qualified resoundingly and reminded us of its squad of young skilful players at top clubs (Kompany at Man City, Hazard at Chelsea, Benteke at Aston Villa - you can tell who i support:-)
But is this World Cup too soon for them?

The couple in this photo were about to get married within an hour.  He took a penalty, whilst she "patiently" whilst looking at her watch and then they were driven off to the church!
- I let him score a goal
KV Kortrijk 1 - Scooters For Goalposts 1
With a couple of Hamburgers
KV Kortrijk were great hosts and we were allowed on the pitch. I ignored the death stares from the groundsman when riding on and off! It wasn't my idea but I wash' t going to refuse!

Marketing manager, Leslie took a couple of very powerful penalties.  This resulted in a goal (top right corner, I couldn't get near it) and a save (not quite top right corner) - hooray!
A cup of tea 
The first for weeks at Hotel Centre Belgium