Before and after the 7 month journey from London to Rio

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Last Week I have mostly been...
Riding across the Italian Alps to Milan to watch a game at the San Siro Stadium (AC Milan v Palma), Pisa to be a tourist, Ponteverde for a pilgrimage to home of Vespa, its museum and factory and on to Florence, Trieste. 

Penalties at the Vespa Museum!
Taking penalties at the Vespa Museum. Vespa started making airplanes!
Even if you are not a Vespa fan or motor head it is well worth making the short trip from Pisa to spend a couple of hours visiting rural Italy and see hundreds of Vespa's on display.  From the earliest to the strangest (there are quite a few to claim this title) there really is something for everyone!

Many thanks to Marco from the World Club Vespa for his help at the factory and diagnosing a problem with the gasket in seconds and booking me into the garage before letting me ride off.

The engine sounds quiet now, not quite as mean :-( 
But better for the engine :-)
The streets of Milan were some of the bumpiest roads I had come across but very cool on this Roman Holiday!

And finally, Tourists - uuurghh!
Without a shadow of doubt the most touristy photo I will take on this trip and ever in my life!!!!