Before and after the 7 month journey from London to Rio

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Last Week I have mostly been...
One of the best games of my life.
The sterotype South American football experience.  A Semicup final. Home team fans outnumbered, out sung, out streamered, out drummed and out jumped the opposition.
But could Millionarios did not outscore their northern rivals? 
50,000 Bogota fans were tense as their Millionarios faced the Bryancilla goalkeeper who'd been the pantomime villain throughout the whole game.  Like a real villain he had the last laugh and saved final penalty. Screaming running to the mere 2 coach loads of away fans.
As quick as you can clench your teeth the atmosphere, people and noise ceased....I put my coat on, bid farewell to fans and left town!

Vespa Club of Bogota
The Vespa Club of Bogota's competitive friday night meet.  First things first, heads down, lets see who can change the wheel on their vespa's the quickest! A few minutes to mess around with the World Cup before a huge storm and really really heavy down pour. 
So we went for a ride in the storm. It was like sitting a shower.  Locals used marigold gloves to keep dry fingers, good grip and soft smooth hands too! More heavy persistent rain. I felt someone pat me on the shoulder pulling a left turn. It was a truck racing through one of the famous deep potholes throwing up a bucket of water over me. Laughing like maniacs resigned to the fact we did not leave when others had and there was nothing to do now.  For some reason we rode for about an hour with numbers dwindling....Brilliant!

And Finally,