Before and after the 7 month journey from London to Rio

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Last Week I have mostly been...
The 3 border crossings & the guy who kept sending me back!
Crossing the border from Uruguay to Brazil 3 times!
I was sent back back a border official a couple of times to buy insurance ironically it included coverage for the 3 countries I'd just rode through

Then being greeted with a very unBrazilian welcome - 5 days of rain!!!
It started to rain as soon as I got close to the border, slowly growing in consistency and getting heavier.  By the time I got to the border was a full downpour. The Brazilians really know how to welcome a Englishman :-)

Porto Alegre
The first World Cup host city was Porto Alegre.

The stadium was scheduled to be completed whilst I was there.  It looked very impressive from a distance (view point in this picture) and close up.

I also visited the impressive Gremio stadium completed only 18 months earlier. So I wonder why build a second 50,000 seater stadium?
Anyway, to change the subject completely, the mayor of Porto Alegre supports Gremio's rivals Internacional who will use the new stadium!!

Arriving in at the Copacabana on the day of opening game!
All in a day at the Copacabana Fan fest
After 5 solid days of riding from Porto Alegre, Curitiba (to see the Spanish team train), Sao Paulo and eventually Rio in time for the party of an opening game, Brazil against Croatia!

Met some old rivals by riding the sidecar through about 100 Argentinians before parking in front of their moving bus on the Copacabana.  Much to their delight until they realised we were England fans and out sung us! 

Protesters and football fans stare at each other in bewilderment as the peacefully walk past each other.  
Lots and lots of Brazilian fans (well basically every Brazilian person including a lot of non Brazilians adding their shirt to the brilliant shining yellow masses. 

And of course, who can forget the Germans, always German fans!!!

And finally, a few other sights this week
I parked up and asked a limo driver for directions who turned out to be a former team mate to Brazilian legendary striker, recently turned politician, Romario.
Four local women playing beach volleyball with their feet.  REALLY really well!
A football pitch in an elevator so that there is not a moment wasted without playing football
and a couple of great father & son mullets !