Before and after the 7 month journey from London to Rio

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UK TV - ITV London News with former England player, Gary Mabutt at Tottenham's White Hart Lane stadium

UK Press - The Daily Mail Online

UK TV - Good Morning Britain. Sidecar interview on Copacabana Beach with Sean Fletcher

UK TV - Sky TV, Early morning interview and penalties 

Brazilian TV - Enroute to Brazil with SBT in London

Brazil TV - With SBT at Boca Juniors, Buenos Aires, Argentina

FIFA TV - Arriving in Sao Paulo, Brazil

BBC World Service - Interviewed in Santiago, Chile

Spanish Press - Faro De Vigo

Brazilan TV - REDE TV. Sidecar Interview During the World Cup with Raquel Laurdares

Many other interviews and interesting conversations along the trip including;

Croatia – Local press at the Istra v Kadar game, see Croatia page

France - L’Equippe

Colombian Radio - Interview on Copacabana beach

Spain - El Marca Online. Firstly, in Madrid, Feb 2014 at the Spain vs Madrid friendly. Secondly, in Curitiba, Brazil at the Spanish team's training camp.

Spain - At the Spanish teams national training ground outside Madrid with Channel Sexta

Ajax - Pitch side with Ajax officials taking penalties