Before and after the 7 month journey from London to Rio

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I surprised myself by riding my daily commuting Vespa GTS 250 and Bambini sidecar (Thanks Anson Classics), from London to Rio. Whilst challenging locals to penalties, and filming their goal celebrations with a replica World Cup trophy.  All in aid of UNICEF.  

I have covered, 18 World Cup countries, 6 months riding, over 18,000 kilometres, 28 football stadiums visited, 18 football games watched, 57 goals cheered or booed, 1 Colombian penalty shootout (Millionarios were robbed),  I've had 100s penalties taken at me and managed to save 6. A I have very very sore backside!!!!

Hundreds and hundreds of people have helped along the way. Many thanks everyone, without you I could not have made it. I look forward the opportunity to return the favour to you or the next person.  I hope you all enjoy clicking through the photos and video clips on this site and Facebook.


I love football, I love scooters, I love travelling and supporting a good cause.  So I decided to quit my IT job spend my savings riding from London to Rio to follow England in the World Cup in aid of UNICEF.  The goal is to ride through and in as many countries as possible who have qualified for the World Cup.  

England have the worst record of any team in the World Cup (and the Euros). So I challenge locals to penalties, use the scooter as a goalpost and if (or when!) they score I film their Goal celebrations with a replica World Cup. 

The idea began 4 years ago as the South African World Cup was about to start. Crashing together motorbiking, football, penalties and travel into one adventure in aid of UNICEF seems perfect on many levels. 


A lot of people are going to the World Cup in Brazil And would probably like to take off for a 5 month trip, but let’s face it we can’t all go can we? Selflessly I’ve volunteered to go on all our behalf.  - Just remember I am doing this for you!


The trip began in February 2014 and will end at the World Cup in Brazil July 2014

Do you have tickets?

I will size up England’s opposition watching Costa Rica vs Uruguay. But I am open to offers help for tickets to games....? Otherwise I am looking forward to soaking up the atmosphere of the World Cup.

The story so far 


15th February - Santander, Spain

16th February - Getafe vs Real Madrid - Madrid, Spain Cancelled due to storms and delayed ferry crossing

19th February - Gijon, Spain

22nd February - Celta Vigo, Spain

24th February - Benefica, Lisbon, Portugal

1st March - Estoril, Portugal

4th March - Madrid, Spain

8th March - Barcelona

11th March - French Alps, France

13th March - Geneva, Switzerland

16h March - Milan, Italy

18th March - Reijka, Croatia

20th March - Bosnia Cancelled

22nd March - Munich, Germany

26th March - Hamburg, Germany

28th March - Amsterdam, Holland

30th March - Somewhere in Belgium

1st April - London




18th - 22nd April - Los Angeles, USA

24th - 28th April - Mexico City, Mexico

29th - 5th May - San Jose, Costa Rica

6th - 10th May - Bogota, Colombia

11th - 17th May - Santiago, Chile

21st - 26th Buenos Aires, Argentina

28th - 30th May - Montevideo, Uruguay

5th June - Brazil

12th June Copacabana beach, Rio de Janeiro

Sao Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Salvador, Rio de Janeiro

Shepherds Bush

Dates may, almost certainly will change! If you are interested in meeting up on the trip drop me a line via the public Facebook page